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  •  So far, No Cheney/Hoekstra Backlash (1+ / 0-)
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    Based on the dates in this polling, the Mr."Go Back to Your Bunker" Cheney and Pete "Hypocrite" Hoekstra "soft on terror" blitz has not taken hold. But one never knows. We must continue to attack the GOP 24/7 as the real hypocritical "National Insecurity" Party of phony chest thumpers. I still don't understand the Democratic "death wish" of "let's stay home" and not vote in 10 because Obama is not the "Messiah," and works in the real world of politics. The perfect remains the enemy of the good. On 1/19/09, we face a special election in Mass. to fill Ted's seat. If we don't come out and if Coakley doesn't get on the air soon, Brown could win. He's on the air now, with much less money too.The so-called "MSM" would then yell endlessly, "1994 all over again" and "only 59 in the Senate." Dems would then stampede for the exit. Look at the LA Times Mark Barabak "process" story it had up on "10= big GOP triumph" on its New Year's Day front page edition. 10 must = turnnout of 08 for Dems. For more on Coakley and "hypocrite" Hoekstra, read    this

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