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View Diary: 2010 Could Bring the Election of a Lifetime (40 comments)

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  •  because it plays to the typical republican (0+ / 0-)

    style of scorch & burn. if democrats start this nonsense then they are playing by republican rules. the key is to change the game rules of campaigns too neutralize the republican shit talking.

    there has to be a refocus on policies of candidates and away from intusive personal life investigations (i dont give a shit about a representative's personal conduct, it's irrelevant).

    •  Sounds like Al Gore's campaign (5+ / 0-)

      One really has to do both.  The policy has to be there but so does the fight.  You can't unilaterally disarm.  Because of the 'Fair and Balanced' paradigm that is pervasive in the ENTIRE media establishment, when either side goes negative, the entire race is reported as negative.  No one gets to be portrayed as squeaky and clean and policy oriented.  There is no way to entirely stay above the fray.  

      I can't believe people are still missing the significance of the Fair and Balanced thing.  Fox says out loud what is being done across the board.  They will report roughly the same number of 'negatives' for each side whether you help them define that or not.  Almost no one laid a glove on the sociopath moron Bush during the election because the entire right was hammering Gore while much of the left was hammering Gore.  The criticisms of Bush wound up being rather milquetoast and snarky instead of a genuine warning about the threat to the nation he clearly represented.  No one took him seriously.  Goper resurgence in 2010 after they just ran the country into the ground is a genuine threat to the nation and the world.  It needs to be defined clearly and loudly as such.  

      2010. Time to win some more.

      by Sun dog on Mon Jan 04, 2010 at 08:08:56 AM PST

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