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View Diary: WA Gov -- s/p recount, Vance stirs (122 comments)

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  •  Well, if you live in Washington State (4.00)
    If the media does that, it is your job to call them and correct them.  Point this ask: ask them, who, aside from Republican partisans is calling this election result illegitmate, and on what grounds are they doing so.

    As I said above:

    This is the reality: Christine Gregoire played by the rules and after a hand recout she won by 10 votes.  There is ZERO credible evidence of any fraud in the hand recount.  A bunch of additional ballots were found to have been improperly not counted.  The State Supreme Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY they should be added in.  After that, Gregoire's winning margin increased to 130 votes.
    Those are the facts, that is the reality.  Gregoire has NOTHING to be ashamed of; she won fair and square.

    •  And she gets $730,000 (none)
      I understand that since she won, the Democrats get their money back, so the WA Dem Party ought to be able to afford to fight a smear campaign (not to mention a legal campaign.)

      When all else fails...panic

      by David in Burbank on Tue Dec 28, 2004 at 07:59:20 AM PST

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