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  •  Not seeing the worst is not pretending (none)
    You talk about the image the public sees. But what image will they see if Republicans take this to court and the battle goes on so long that state government cannot begin? Will that really impress the public?

    How do you know that people in the state do not remember Gregoire already won by 10 votes? I'm sure that some of the media in Washington are pointing this out, even if the national media isn't. The national media has been obsessed with the holidays and with the disaster in Southeast Asia -- the national public are not obsessed with who is doing what in Washington state. Even the Ukraine elections got more publicity.

    You can still warn people to expect bad things without repeatedly telling everyone that this is horrible PR and the entire state hates Democrats.

    •  Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings (none)
      How do you know that people in the state do not remember Gregoire already won by 10 votes?

      Because many people in the state never knew she'd already won by 10 votes.  The media covered it, but in the "currently, CG leads by 10 votes pending the outcome of the Supreme Court ruling", which was both technically and factually incorrect, but is what folks heard...those that follow the news, anyway.

      The Washington media is not being generous with the details of the election - the details we already know, that make it clear this was a fair and honest win.  They are being generous with coverage of our friend Chairman Vance.  Details are boring.  Chris Vance being hysterical is a fun story to run.

      If it makes you feel better...expect bad things.  But other than that, everything's fine! /snark  And with that, I leave this tiresome parsing of my opinions.

      I put things where they don't belong at Switzerblog.

      by switzerblog on Mon Dec 27, 2004 at 09:31:34 PM PST

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      •  Yes it's certainly tiresome (none)
        I think that you honestly do believe that people here have never heard this before. You honestly believe that everyone here believes the media has accurately covered the story, Gregoire will waltz into office and the entire state will kiss her feet. So you need to tell us AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN about how horrible everything is, because you think you're doing us a favor.

        Well all you are really doing is making life miserable for people who already know about these problems but unlike you, do not need to tear their hair out for dramatic effect.

        You're so defensive every time someone points out that every point you make is "this sucks, this is the worst possible scenario". You shriek, "I never said that!!!" but you have said it a zillion times.

        We get the point already. You oh-so-nobly worked for the recount even though you hate Christine Gregoire. Now you have oh-so-nobly deigned to come to this diary and tell people over and over that Chris Vance gets a lot of media attention or that <gasp> Republicans will hold a grudge or <gasp> the media will make some people believe the election was rigged, and <gasp> Republicans will now say King County can't be trusted. And you lash out at anyone who tries to tell you that they already know this and unlike you, they're still trying their best to make the situation work.

        You spend so much time gasping you must need an oxygen mask as you wheel your way around various parts of the state. It's like the Paul Revere of the recounts.

        If anyone needs to know how awful Gregoire is or how talk radio has doomed all of Washington or how King County is now tainted. If anyone wants to actually work, then they will find a reasonable, worthwhile source.

        •  Give it a rest (none)
          Ray's opinion is well-informed, it's carefully considered, and while I don't entirely share it I am bound to respect it.

          As for your attempt to shame him into a more postive outlook, I'll give you the standard response I gave Kossites who attacked me in October for suggesting things didn't look so good going into November (on the misguided notion that "we" are somehow obligated to project a collective upbeat attitude):

          Fuck you, Quartermaine. (And a Happy New Year!)

          •  Kiss my ass, lapdog. (none)
            I trust your opinion about as much as I trust Switzer's. You spent so many months slandering Howard Dean that you shot any integrity you ever had. No one wants to hear your bullying and I'm not surprised that you hang around in packs with these types. You are so far out of touch and you think that makes you of the elite. You want everyone to hate you because you think it makes you a worthwhile person, gives you a reason to get up in the morning. It doesn't.

            I only criticized your special friend switzer because he was constantly telling people everything they did was worthless and that ooh golly King County was tainted or wow gee Republicans were sure mad at Gregoire. That's it. He really did think this was earthshattering news. And you follow right along.

            After your long and ugly history here, anything you respect is garbage. You clearly believe that any negative opinion is wonderful and any positive opinion is just worthless. You would rather be angry all the time and predict the worst because then you can vomit "I told you so" in everyone's faces. Fine. Enjoy yourself. But don't wave your flaccid, tiny profanity at me. Go find someone who is dumb enough to fall for your sick games.

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