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    When I started to carry concealed, I was not entirely certain that my guns were 100% concealed... and I wanted to carry my Glock 20, especially after I was trained to draw it smoothly and shoot it accurately.
    My Don Hume Just-In-Time Slide holster was comfortable, but "concealment" was accomplished by a covering garment. Raising my arm, or walking in a stiff wind, threatened to expose my firearm.
    I read about the Safepacker holster, and ordered one for my big Glock.

    The Safepacker conceals my loaded Glock and a spare magazine in a surprisingly low-key package, hiding it in plain sight. The enclosed gun is 100% concealed, and it can be worn securely and comfortably without attracting attention. I can remove the Safepacker from my belt, carry it in my hand, and lock it in the trunk of my car without displaying the firearm to anyone, even when I'm in a crowd of people.
    I liked my 10mm Glock 20 so much that I bought its little brother, the Glock 29. The 10mm ammo can be exchanged between them, and the larger magazines can be used in the smaller gun without modification.
    Naturally, I bought another (smaller) Safepacker, which turns out to be the one I wear most days.
    Both (full) Safepackers are pictured below... Glock 29 on the left, Glock 20 on the right:
    hidden in plain shgit
    In all the years I've been wearing the Safepackers, exactly one person -- a first-time customer -- asked me what was in the bag.
    I told him, and I offered to leave if he was uncomfortable with it. He declined, and he's still a good customer.

    "She's petite, extremely beautiful, and heavily armed." -1995 documentary Canadian Bacon

    by Tom Seaview on Tue Jan 05, 2010 at 06:45:19 PM PST

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