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View Diary: Montana Wolf Hunt Destroys Yellowstone Study (221 comments)

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  •  It doesn't sound like the teabaggers (1+ / 0-)
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    are the same folks you work with. I've lived and worked outdoors in Idaho and Washington and other states, and I understand your description of farmers and ranchers and local groups. They usually have a keen knowledge of and appreciation for a balanced environment and wildlife, though, unlike the teabaggers who simply vent hatred for anything environmentalists or conservationists may advocate.

    Thanks for your very important good work.

    •  They Probably Weren't. (2+ / 0-)
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      marina, ban nock

      The person I was replying to was just labeling them as such because much of the left is unable to differentiate between rural people or conservatives in general, and the teabaggers.  Not that they aren't one and the same just as often.

      The bottom line though is that this kind of lazy stereotyping by many of the people in this thread is annoying and counterproductive given our shared goals in this region.  

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