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    You want something done, you hold people accountable.  That is what the diarist is doing.  We'll never get anything accomplished as long as we continue to allow ourselves to be used for votes by politicians who have no desire at all to deliver on promises they make us.  

    The reckoning is coming.  The Repubs are going though it now.  They have been using the conservatives to get elected all the while delivering nothing to them.  That is the genesis of the teabag movement.  

    The democratic party will have to learn the same lesson.  Their corporate benefactors cannot protect them from us forever.  Would you prefer to do it the nice way (the way the diarist has) or would you rather do it the hard way, ala the teabaggers where we shatter the party into a million pieces and try and duct tape them back into something useful?  

    Hold your politicians accountable.  Until you do, they won't be.  

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