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View Diary: Steele: GOP supports full repeal of health care reform (101 comments)

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    Ann T Bush

    I don't see how they can repeal it.  Even if they take over the House of Representatives.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't repealing a law that has been passed actually require another law to be passed to invoke a repeal of the previous law?

    Meaning... they would need to get both houses of Congress to pass such legislation - which won't happen unless they win both houses of Congress (extremely unlikely), and then get President Obama to sign the legislation, which he absolutely would not do.  Then they have to get 2/3 of Congress to override that veto, and there's absolutely no way that will happen.

    Anyway, they can run on that all they want.  There's no way they'll actually be able to do it, however.

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