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    Some facts of where MA (and soon to be the entire USA) is taking health care...

    Premiums are growing 21 to 46 percent faster than the national average,

    Had state officials not done their level best to hide the exhorbitant costs — the individual mandate pushed 60 percent of the cost off-budget, while expanding eligibility for Medicaid pushed another 20 percent onto the federal budget — no one would be hailing Massachusetts as a model.  Who can the Federal government push the costs off to?  

    price controls that prohibit insurers from varying premiums based on a purchaser's health status. Those price controls further increase premiums for the young and healthy.

    To cope with the cost of its reforms, Massachusetts created a legislative commission that has recommended moving the entire market to a single, Canadian-style payment system that would encourage doctors and hospitals to ration care.

    Boston already had the longest waits among metropolitan areas. By 2009, waits had generally shortened in other metro areas (average wait: less than three weeks) but lengthened in Boston (average wait: seven weeks)

    Voters who believe the Massachusetts law reduced the quality of care outnumber those who believe it helped by nearly 3-to-1 (29 percent to 10 percent).

    higher taxes and health insurance premiums. State officials have raised taxes on tobacco, hospitals, insurers and employers, as well as eliminated coverage for many legal immigrants

    The MA Legislature also plans to leverage its power under the individual mandate to require "evidence-based purchasing strategies," which is another way of saying government bureaucrats may soon be deciding who gets medical care and who does not.

    Though initially popular, enthusiasm for the Massachusetts reforms may be on the wane. A recent poll found that more Massachusetts voters say the law has made health insurance less affordable (27 percent) than believe it has made coverage more affordable (21 percent). Voters who believe the reforms have been a failure outnumber those who believe the reforms have been a success by 37 percent to 26 percent.

    Good luck selling the MA plan for America!

    We mock what we do not understand.

    by Tea Bag You on Tue Jan 05, 2010 at 07:08:40 PM PST

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    •  wow, thanks for the info. I am really (0+ / 0-)

      concerned about what parts of the bill, esp the excise tax, could do to democrats politically.  I am afraid the special interests and their democratic allies have made us water down reform so much that it will actually hurt us in coming elections.  Sure, you can get a bill like that through the Senate, but if it puts the repubs back in power, then the country is screwed.

      Having said that, I am for passing this very flawed bill, if only for the medicaid expansion.

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