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View Diary: ND-SEN: Schultz Can Run (159 comments)

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    A woman couldn't win in ND?  A Latino?  An African American?  This is 2010.

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      or just shut up; being a woman has nothing to do with it; do you think a minority is going to win in ND? GET REAL; politics ain't bean bag; this race is most likely lost if the gov.(hoeven) gets in anyway(even if ed should run)BUT the bench is clearly non-existent or we would not even be discussing the POSSIBILITY of an ED running; AND THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS, if ed runs and even makes the repukes spend ONE DOLLAR more against the democrats to win this seat, then we are better off as a party because other candidates(more likely to win)in other states benefit; politics(and elections)are not run in a vacuum, THEY ARE NATIONAL IN SCOPE

      i don't mind if arlen remains the senior senator from pennsylvania IF the voters in the DEMOCRATIC primary choose him BUT until then...........

      by primaryarlen on Wed Jan 06, 2010 at 02:18:41 PM PST

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