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  •  i disagree a lot with this diary (4.00)
    i don't buy the reflexive symmetry argument of "both parties this, both parties that."

    the democratic party is meaningfully distinguished from the republican party. the democratic party believes society can do better than "every man for himself." the republicans don't, and find all manner of government to be a big waste of time and money. the democrats naturally attract the underclass who seek to improve their lot with a loan of some kind, whereas the republicans attract the upper class with their rationalization of what was often inherited wealth as somehow "earned."

    flame me all you want, but i don't think anyone can listen to more than 10 minutes of nader's BS if they have an IQ over 96. it is quite shallow and self-serving. it is not grounded in an expertise as to economic theory, in my book a prerequisite for expansive dialogue as to the nature of man, commerce and government.

    and, for what it's worth, i don't find nader "green" at all. i love the green party, in terms of its manifestos, platforms and supposed core principles, in terms of the "sustainable" underlying theme to it all. nader denies the role played by private collectives subject to increasing returns to scale (that's "big business") in making our lives better. i just don't find him terribly intelligent.

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