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    I've been tempted to write a diary entry (which would be my first) for literally a month now, that the Democrats struggle these past 5 or so election cycles has more to do with marketing than policy.

    For example, the problem isn't that we favor abortion rights, its that we haven't thought of a catchy way to tell people why they too should want abortion rights. The pro-lifers argument has a very catchy argument: Abortion = murder.

    The Republicans stake positions, pass around a memo that tells them what to say, and then they shout it from the rooftops. A great version of this are the "Support the Troops" bumper stickers.  Everyone, including my bad ass Democrat-self, "supports the troops."  Yet, somehow "Supporting the troops" became synonymous with voting for Bush. How does this happen? People like Thune saying that not supporting Bush on everything he does is equivalent to treason, and then repeating ad infinitum on every appearance they make on TV.  

    It doesn't take much to do this, but it does take discipline.  The Arlen Spector incident shows what party discipline is all about.  The Dems should start imposing some of their own. Get a few catchy hard hitting positions, and then following the current model.    

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