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  •  A wonderful, contemplative diary (10+ / 0-)

    So many things in this diary, I will probably have to reread it a couple of times today.

    The idea of sleeping through a revolution is powerful. I was watching 'Morning Joe' and he was talking about Democrats not "realizing" the seriousness of the "war on terror" and yet those things necessary to stop radicals from mass killings aren't what's being advocated: goodwill with other nations for shared intelligence; slow, deliberative decisions on the directions and actions; closing Gitmo, etc.

    As energy production changes, the green revolution is being purposefully ignored in this country, led by those that want to squeeze every last dollar out of the old way regardless as to whether others go to the forefront and/or pass us by.

    The idea that healthcare reform WILL benefit EVERY last American whether he has care or not. The idea that the poor people's campaign WOULD benefit EVERY last American whether he has wealth or not.

    And finally a word about hope. It is a necessary thing. It isn't pie in the sky; it is vital component of the human condition. I'm in the inner city mentoring these cats on the street and President Obama is the first time I've heard them have hope in their voices. Yeah they believe cats in the suburbs can make it but not them. Now, I can appeal to them and tell them that we have a shared responsibility and that means getting your GED, going back and putting in another slew of applications, calling those places back every week till someone hires you.

    Great diary. Thank you.

    ..explains why they're fighting health care reform tooth and nail... access to mental health professionals would absolutely demolish their movement. AppeaseThis

    by niteskolar on Thu Jan 07, 2010 at 05:04:15 AM PST

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