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  •  Home Run teacherken, home run! (6+ / 0-)

    I think this is your best diary in my book. There is a lot to say here but I like this quote the most:

    I’m going to maintain hope as we come to Washington in this campaign. The cards are stacked against us. This time we will really confront a Goliath. God grant that we will be that David of truth set out against the Goliath of injustice, the Goliath of neglect, the Goliath of refusing to deal with the problems, and go on with the determination to make America the truly great America that it is called to be.

    Kill racism, inequality, poverty, war mongering, greed, social injustice and may be then we will have an opportunity to make America the truly great America that it is called to be. I hope to do my part to meet my obligation individually and I hope we all step up our own ways to feel obligated to do our part to have the opportunity for the kind of movement needed to make the change MLK/Kennedy/Obama/etc talked about. We have started the journey but we are a long way to get there. Thank you for the reminder again.

    ...We have many more issues that bind us together than separate us!

    by ThisIsMyTime on Thu Jan 07, 2010 at 07:06:53 AM PST

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      ThisIsMyTime, dle2GA, CuriousBoston

      I have realized sometime ago that actually there is some "good" in Goliath for without its evil David's goodness would not have existed. We evolve and better ourselves (enlighten and awaken) only by learning from our battles with Goliath. It is there for a reason.

      Thus, I don't think we will ever be able to actually "kill" the Goliath it be an absolute but we will continue to evolve with our struggles against it. Like the muscle strenghtening against resistance, we use Goliath as a weight. The workout is lifelong, however, not just until we achieve the perfect body. Our triumphs will move us forward meanwhile and help the future generations with their battles against their Goliath, which will be avaiting them, without a doubt.

      Today, I love my humanity and the whole human kind since the lows have taught me the hights we are able to reach...

      Three cheers for David!!!


    •  thanks n/t (0+ / 0-)

      do we still have a Republic and a Constitution if our elected officials will not stand up for them on our behalf?

      by teacherken on Thu Jan 07, 2010 at 09:09:22 AM PST

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