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  •  This diary and the comments move me (4+ / 0-)

    deeply. Here we are talking about the deep roots of my (and many others') activism instead of screaming at each other about some tree in the forest.  Here we meet each other at a moral, and may I say spiritual, level, reflecting a deep belief in brother-sisterhood and interconnectedness.

    Of course, at 68, I recall being part of a larger peace and human rights movement that fell apart not just because our inspirational leaders were taken down, but also because we allowed voices of rage to turn it into something it was never intended... and I left when it became violent, to live my life - you know, children, work, etc - and I have always wondered what would have happened if more of us (young people at the time) had been able to stand up to the anarchistic voices that were more about hating authority than building a future of peace and dignity.  I am always so sad when  think back to those times, I felt so helpless, and so betrayed by the movement I believed in.

    I wonder now, as I hear people screaming here about all our leaders being sellouts, yelling with profanity at those who disagree with them about their right to speak their mind, whether we have enough collective wisdom to turn those angry and disappointed voices back to active idealism, based not on the issue of the moment but a deeper commitment to building that future of peace and dignity for all.

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