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View Diary: Cock Up or Conspiracy? Report Due Today will 'Shock' UPDATEDx4 (312 comments)

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  •  John Brennan was all over the airwaves on (2+ / 0-)
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    Sunday saying that the intelligence was NOT shared. What's the bombshell?

    It was sent from the Nigerian CIA office to the Counter Terrorism Unit at Langley and there it languished.  It has been explained over and over, the most recent time on PBS News Hour.  One expert stated that because it did not contain the requisite RED FLAG, ie. the fact that the man had a US visa, it was not given the proper attention.

    Why are we so addicted to 'bombshells', to conspiracies, to disasters, we want someone to be punished, is that it?

    The MSM will milk this for all its worth all day to keep people watching as will the blogs. In the end it will eb a damp squib.

    That's my prediction anyway.  Although I do have a funny feeling that Leon Panetta might resign in the near future to 'spend more time with his family'. He has never seemed a really good fit for the job inmo.  The Afghanistan massacre may have been the last straw. There is absolutuely no proof or even rumour but that's my feeling.

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