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  •  Officially Governor cannot stop executions (none)
    only postpone once.  I think Gore missed an opportunity for a two-fer on this point in 200 campaign.   Constitutionally the Governor of Texas is the weakest in the nation, and the point cold hae been made that unliek any other governor he does NOT have the power to grant clemency to all those people who were executed -- this would ahve reminded people not only of all the executions, but the fact that officially Bush could not do anything about them.  That might have provided a context for his smarminess in the Karla Faye Tucker case, attested to by Tucker Carlson, including Bush's lying about what he had seen on TV [just like he did again on 9-11   ...   a pattern, anyone?]

    That said, I agree with Mary Julia that he had effectiv control of BPP and could ahve done something had he wanted to ..   mind you, BPP is supposed to be independent, but when did little niceties like that ever bother Bush.

    In fairness to Gonzalez, when functioning as a lwayer he is always as vigorous as he can be for his cllient's interests as he sees them.    e saw a diffrent side of him on the Txas Supreme Court, when he slapped down Priscilla Owen.  BTW, isn't it that slapdown which is one reason the wingnut right doesn't wnat him the Court?   After all, with a lifetime appointment he  could turn out to be far more moderate than many believe.

    Last point, returning to the issue of his being a vigorous advocate for his client.   What the Senators should be attempting to determine is who or what he sees as his client in his role as putative Attorney General.  If it is the president or the administration, in my mind that should in itself be enough to disqualify him.  We have seen far to many cases of that on both the right and the left.  For me the model has always been Edward levi, who was compeltely independent of the Ford Administration, and saw his role as being the principal lawyer for the American people.  

    Those that can, do. Those that can do more, TEACH!

    by teacherken on Tue Dec 28, 2004 at 01:04:09 PM PST

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