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    Instant gratification on healthcare reform would have happened during the Eisenhower Administration. Or earlier.

    And, we don't think of Obama as "one person". We think of him as the leader of a very large and powerful group. That group is perfectly capable of rebooting the economy and performing several other miracles at the same time. After all, we are the group that destroyed the economy in the first place and created all those problems.

    Let met calm down for a minute and put it to you this way. Obama got such a resounding vote from this community because a lot of people believed he would listen to us. We didn't necessarily (at least I didn't) think he was particularly liberal or progressive. We just thought we would get a fair hearing.

    That does not appear to be that case. He seems to be stubbornly establishment.

    It is not up to us to change. We are in this because we sincerely believe that a progressive policy is not only beneficial to the country but that it is critical to get us through the tough times ahead. He is entirely entitled to have his own views. If he thinks that some middle policy is the best course, that's his right. He is the President of the whole country, and he must do what he thinks is best for the whole country.

    However, if he listens to us, he may well get the answers to some of the really tough problems. The liberal community has been noodling on these issues for a very long time. Much longer than any politician.

    If he doesn't listen to us, then he may be right but he will pay a dear political price by losing progressive resources. (When I say "resources", I mean time, money and votes.)

    Right or wrong, however, it is not up to us to carry water for him when he isn't producing for us. If he wants our resources, then he has to perform. Being angry with us for being up-front about this may seem justified to you, but it isn't going to help him. He needs to know just how far off base he is. He needs our criticism. Without it, he has no leverage to move left, even if he wants to.

    The system is currently unbalanced. That's because there has been a lot of energy on the political right. People there have been fierce in defending their position and hostile to politicians that don't perform up to their expectations. Progressives have been lackadaisical. They have not been equally fierce about making their politicians perform. This has let the country drift further and further to the right.

    To get things back to balance we have to be extremely energetic in disciplining our elected officials. If we don't then they will still get pulled too far to the right. When everyone sees that the left is pulling its own weight, then politicians will be free to make more reasonable choices and everyone will be free to give in a little. Don't take it personally. You can expect that progressives will be unrealistic. If done constructively, it's helpful even to Obama because it allows him more freedom of movement.

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