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View Diary: Get Ready: Halperin's "Juicy" Campaign Gossip Book Published UPD: NY Mag and NYT weigh in (107 comments)

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  •  The NY Mag excerpt is extraordinary (3+ / 0-)
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    The link to the lengthy NY Mag excerpt should be included in the diary: You're right, it is brutal. It's ten pages of detailed description of the distance between both John and Elizabeth Edwards' public and private personas. It's disturbing but it might help us all grow up a little with regards to politics. People present what they think they want us to see because that's what gets them elected. It seems we have to continually re-learn that.

    This part almost made want to cry but I think I'll get over it:

    With her husband, she could be intensely affectionate or brutally dismissive. At times subtly, at times blatantly, she was forever letting John know that she regarded him as her intellectual inferior. She called her spouse a "hick" in front of other people and derided his parents as rednecks. One time, when a friend asked if John had read a certain book, Elizabeth burst out laughing. "Oh, he doesn’t read books," she said. "I’m the one who reads books."

    Californians: The Courage Campaign is working for changing the 2/3 budget rule and for ending Prop 8. Go!

    by tmo on Sat Jan 09, 2010 at 11:29:14 AM PST

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    •  Honestly, I think Elizabeth comes off well (1+ / 0-)
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      ... in the article. Her predicament is completely understandable.

      The main reason she comes across as less "saintly" as they put it, is that she seems like a pretty temperamental person, a difficult boss, and hard to manage. But you know what? To me that strikes me as fairly human. And there's also an undercurrent of sexism - temperamental, demanding women get called "bitch" while men are called "hard-nosed," "assertive," etc.

      Heilemann and Halperin are obviously trying to spin what they find in the juiciest possible way, and using the revelations that her staff found her difficult to say her saintliness is a "myth" is just one way of doing that.

      •  Her predicament is certainly understandable, (0+ / 0-)

        but I don't think she comes off well.  And it appears that all that info came directly from Edwards' staff, who had an up close and personal view, knew the dynamics and watched the whole thing unravel.

        •  She comes off as a difficult person to work with (1+ / 0-)
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          VERY difficult to work with. Temperamental, high-strung, demanding. That much seems quite evident. But she doesn't come across as a bad person. At all. And her reactions to Edwards' affair is completely sympathetic. The fact that at the end, she's urging John to acknowledge paternity and bring the child into his life also is praiseworthy.

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