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  •  I respect Obama immensely (5+ / 0-)
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    ksh01, Crashing Vor, jalenth, carmenjones, ETF

    His detached, temperamentally conservative personality drives a lot of us nuts, especially when he can't show rage or populism when the mood calls for it.

    But honestly, I continually am drawn to it. He's enormously cool under pressure, immune to drama and the short-term ups and downs. And although nobody knows what will happen the next 3 to 7 years, I suspect when we look back on these years we'll see that those skills served him - and the country - very well.

    Articles like this are gossipy and tawdry, though fascinating nonetheless. And I generally don't like dwelling on the substance of personal conflict and drama. I don't think it tells you everything relevant about a person. But the fact that Obama does seem immune to all this, is, I think, relevant. We all Bill but let's not kid ourselves that his lack of discipline was an enormous hindrance at times, not just with the Lewinsky scandal but in how horribly managed his White House was the first few years, costing Democrats a lot.

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