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  •  Grim stuff. Unfortunately it will sell because (5+ / 0-)

    it is the weird kind of stream of consciousness that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin types deal in.  When they get a connect-the-dots book they connect the dots in any order that they like and hand you a picture of a swastika or hammer and sickle.
    Hand things over to the Whoever Teabagger/Republican party and hold on for the death spiral.  These folks turn the idea of governance on its head.  Milling around in funny clothes and packing heat works for pirates but not for civilized citizens.  And I refuse to be afraid of these fools either.  Their media terrorism blows.

    •  Thanks for commenting (4+ / 0-)
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      Rogneid, Pandoras Box, luckylizard, ETF

      Its always nice to have at least one person read and respond to a diary.

      What amazes me is how quickly this kind of stuff came to dominate the discourse and how quickly it has achieved legitimacy. When they started with this stuff last spring, it was pretty much laughed off. I never laughed it off.

      Democrats, by and large (sites like Kos are a partial exception) have not really confronted or responded to this-and so it goes on and on, and remains unchallenged.

      It's quite influential and I think that Democrats need to start paying attention to it instead of laughing at it.

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