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    .......... notwithstanding, Nixon's visit to China in an age that was one of the middleclasses better ages. And our trade policy was handeled in the Congress, as the Constitution recommends.

    This was also when American corporations were amassing power to control other nations for the good of these corporations, thru the use of our military, while keeping whole nations dominated by tyrants and their populations in poverty.

    So what is your stand on our intelligence againcies assassinating Democratically elected heads of state to immediately install dictators who tow the line on trade with these international corporations?

    I mention this and ask for your 'take' on these types of policy decisions, which have full grown into what we now call Globalism. And I equate some principles now facing us with what this country fought the Revolutionary War over. (1.) A Presidency (or Monarchy) that ignores rule of law, and using (2.) the East India Company to dominate trade and the movement of money inside nations to only a wealthy few and (3.) taxation without representation. Which I equate with much of what goes on now, in that our Representatives are prey to lobby money to pay for elections and therefore beholden to companies that buy lobbys to influence legislation.

    I know this is a far ranging question and involves far more than glib or short answers to fully explore. But it forms a basic philosophy at the core of what is wrong with our nation now. And it points to some vital needs for reform and legislation at the base of how to get us back ontrack.

    And it gets to the heart of how progressive thinking affects legislation. Which you are asking to do.

    Corporate donations to elections is not free speech, it is legalized bribery.

    by socks on Sun Jan 10, 2010 at 10:12:59 PM PST

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