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View Diary: Can You Help Me End the Filibuster? (249 comments)

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  •  The Problem is not the Filibuster... (2+ / 0-)
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    The problem is that we are lacking leadership. How did Bush get some of the worst legislation in decades without 60 senators? With an iron hand.

    They basically told the senators from day one - you can vote how you like on any actual bill, but if you vote against us on procedural votes, you are out of the caucus, lose your chairmanships, and we will primary you. So, the conservatives voted to end the filibuster. Even corporatist Dems fell in line with the threats... And we have 59 frickin dems!

    The problem is our leadership is wussing out. From day 1 Harry Reid and Obama should have said - you can vote however you like on bills, but if you are not with us 100 percent on procedural votes, then you are not a Dem, lose your chairmanship, will get primaried and either Biden or Obama will raise money and campaign in your district to defeat you. Obama and Biden should have held campaign events in their backyards, OFA should have had phone banks and canvassing...

    The problem is not the filibuster - it is our leadership - if you do not vote with us on procedure, it needs to be clear you are going down!

    Besides, those that think that the filibuster needs to be eliminated - imagine 55 Republicans running things! We would be at war with every country in the Middle East (and probably Asia and Africa), Trillions more would be shoveled to corporations, etc. etc.

    Ending the filibuster is not the answer - leadership is!

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