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View Diary: NO SALE  Destruction of merchandise is better than charity at Walmart and H&M (40 comments)

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  •  They would not even allow the employees (4+ / 0-)
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    catleigh, ozsea1, coquiero, Meggie

    to take the merchandise home with them.

    The manager said that if they gave away the riding lawn mower, someone would try to turn it into cash.

    So they would rather punish large number of folks who could use a hand than deal with the few folks who try to take advantage.

    •  One of the hardest things to teach our kids was (4+ / 0-)
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      catleigh, Jane Lew, ozsea1, coquiero

      you make the gift (donation) and YOU know you've done the right thing.  What that person does with your gift is on him, not you.
      I'm sure none of that fits in with big corporate America anyway.

      "If you go all day without hitting or biting anyone, it was a good day." Patrick, age 4

      by Meggie on Mon Jan 11, 2010 at 10:35:13 AM PST

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    •  It's more than a few. I worked for HD in the (4+ / 0-)

      early 90's. Everything went in the compactor even if it was just a scratch because even if it was sold cheaply to an employee he could inturn give it to someone else to return. A receipt was not nessessary and it wasn't until later that your name went into a database if you returned without a receipt. They also gave employees $1 for every loose receipt found on the ground as people will pick up a receipt and take an item off the shelf and return it. This went for Sears also.

      •  Just mark the merchandise (4+ / 0-)
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        ozsea1, coquiero, Meggie, laker

        as not returnable. This is done all the time in deep discount stores. One of the things they do is cut the label on clothes. I have bought stuff that was stamped "not returnable" on the bottom.

        I was brought up to "waste not/want not."  It is about being a good citizen.

        Why do companies such as Home Depot feel that it is OK to put their unused surplus stuff into our  public landfills?

        The only language they seem to understand is money. Perhaps the dumping by companies of unused surplus merchandise should be taxed to the point where they stop their obnoxious behavior.

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