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  •  They made it all nice and legal sounding... (0+ / 0-)

    "The Nazi's even made it all nice and legal sounding. / If that hits home, it should. It damn well should."

    Yup. The Neocons, Fundies, Mormons, Catholic Hierarchy, and Corporatists are still (if at least subtly) making very legal-sounding race-baiting, gender-dissing, Red-baiting statements against anyone they perceive against them: Progressives, Democrats, Greens, Social Democrats, and even Libertarian Socialists.

    They hate the thought of losing power (read: losing $$$$). AND they attempted this almost every decade since people began organizing themselves against plutocracy, corporatism and neo-slavery.

    The song goes:

    "Which side are you on? Which are you on, boys?
    They say in Arlen Co. there are no neutrals there.
    You either are a Union man or a thug for J. H. Blair..."

    But I ask every Progressive, every Liberal and even every Libertarian Socialist this:

    "Which SIDE are YOU on?"

    Since if you are not on the side of the general Democratic Party, you will certainly bring the GOP back to life.

    And we could have a few more Anne Franks before they are done with their next cycle (Palin, Beck, ????)

    I'm just saying...

    Ugh. --UB.

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