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View Diary: FOX falls for "mini-ice age" hoax (153 comments)

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    Getting snowball earth requires that continental drift moves all of the continents to near the equator so that when an ice age starts the continents remain unfrozen as long as possible.  This allows erosion to remove CO2 from the air while the oceanic poles freeze.  Eventually the floating ice extends so close to the equator that it reflects most of the sunlight back into space, and the air is so depleted of greenhouse gasses that it can't hold what little heat is being received.  This allows the strip around the equator to freeze over and with erosion ended, removal of CO2 from the atmosphere stops.  

    After a long while, volcanoes put enough CO2 back into the air to let the earth thaw out.

    Renewable energy brings national security.

    by Calamity Jean on Tue Jan 12, 2010 at 09:17:38 PM PST

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