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  •  I think what says it all... (none)
    ...was his trip to Ireland.  A friendly country to the USA, and yet Bush and his gang of outlaws demanded a level of security and deference that has damaged relations there for years to come.

    Imagine what their reaction would be to even thinking about the possibility of Bush's physical presence to show his public support in a place like Aceh, or Jakarta, or Bangkok.

    •  Britain Too! (none)

      His trip to the UK back in 2003 was almost as bad. Public opinion of him couldn't go much lower, but he managed to piss the Queen off by filling her palace with annoying, incompetent security guards who proceeded to make life hell for her employees, and did incalculable damage to the palace grounds when his men cleared fire zones and a helicopter landing pad without permission, killing some incredibly ancient and historic trees and damaging some historic stonework in the process.

      I'll be literally amazed if we have any allies left by 2008.

      Its like the media listened to Weird Al's "Dare to be Stupid" and said "Yes! This is how the world should be!"

      by RHunter on Wed Dec 29, 2004 at 04:24:36 PM PST

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