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View Diary: Pittance hurts 'war on terror' (254 comments)

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  •  And when Clinton showed Bush (none)
    how it should be done, the White House complained that he was rushing to get in front of the cameras. Hardly a "rush" when the world waited for 2 days for Bush to say something, anything, in person.

    Thing is, I really think that Bush personally is not prejudiced against Muslims or non-Whites. But that's on a personal level. Politically, everything he does is geared toward maintaining his personal power and the wealth of his friends. And the world knows this. His initial allotments of aid are actually not out of line with standard practice, which is to dole out money and supplies as they are needed, not just to rush into it. But because Bush has a reputation as a tightwad with everything except lowering taxes, he has only himself to blame when the world starts calling him cheap.

    As opposed to Americans in general. One point that should be made more often is that Americans individuals and groups, as opposed to the gov't, do give generously in times of need. The world should remember to compare that, rather than Bush, to its 9/11 response.

    •  Oh, yeah, one other thing: (none)
      Bush should not go there right now. Maybe he could go back to DC, though there's not much he can do there that he can't do in Texas. It's more important that he be seen be DOING something about the tragedy, not clearing brush.

      But a presidential visit is incredibly disruptive and taxing on the local security forces in the best of times. The locals have their hands overflowing already with finding the dead and cleaning up; they shouldn't be pulled off that to guard Bush's photo-op.

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