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  •  Aid in PPM Update (none)
    Here is an update to the aid based on the latest figures I can find on the Internet. I've removed the GDP column (you can get these figures from Wikipedia) and added a column with the source of the aid pledges.

    Country            Pledge [US$]    Source        Quotient
    -----------------  --------------  ------------  --------
    Australia           27,000,000      46.58
    Cambodia                40,000     Al Jezeera     1.36
    Canada              33,000,000     Al Jezeera    34.25
    China                2,600,000     Sympatico      0.40
    EU                  45,000,000         --
      EU Countries      77,863,086     --               --
      Total EU         122,863,086     --             3.66
    India               23,000,000     Al Jezeera     7.42
    Japan               40,000,000     Al Jezeera    11.17
    Kuwait               2,100,000     Sympatico     55.27
    Norway               8,170,000      48.34
    Qatar               10,000,000     Al Jezeera    Unknown
    Saudi Arabia        10,000,000      35.57
    Singapore            1,200,000     Sympatico     11.53
    South Korea          2,000,000       2.33
    Taiwan               5,250,000      Unknown
    UAE                  2,000,000     Sympatico     Unknown
    US                  15,000,000     Sympatico      1.38

    Country            Pledge          Source
    -----------------  --------------  ------------
    Austria              1,360,000
    Britain             28,930,000
    Czech Republic         445,760
    Denmark             15,590,000
    Finland              3,410,000
    France              20,442,000     Al Jezeera
    Germany              2,720,000
    Greece                 204,345
    The Netherlands      2,720,000
    Poland                 335,821
    Slovakia               231,660     Al Jezeera
    Slovenia               113,500     Al Jezeera
    Spain                1,360,000
    Total               77,863,086     --

    The "Pledge Quotient" is the pledged dollars divided by the GDP (not shown).

    Note: All of the caveats from the original post apply, especially that these are still very rough figures and bound to change. I should add that I had to convert a number of these to US dollars. In doing that, I used Yahoo exchange rates for Euros and the implicit exchange rates on for Canadian dollars. I used the most current figure that I could find where it was significantly different from the previous ones. (The order is Sympatico, and Al Jezeera.)

    I put this up mainly because I think that we need to have good basic data from which to draw conclusions and back up our talking points. If we are going to press the U.S. government for more funds, for example, it helps to know where we stand relative to other countries. I think GDP is one of the fairer ways to do this, even if it's not ideal.

    Also, I still give the U.S. no credit for a line of credit. But even if you fed that in, it wouldn't give you a pledge quotient of 46.58, to name a specific value.

    Liberal Thinking

    Think, liberally.

    by Liberal Thinking on Thu Dec 30, 2004 at 11:22:10 AM PST

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