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  •  You spend too much time with MSM (1+ / 0-)
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    Probably FAUX by your mentality.

    The Right Wing Noise Machine may be cheerleading a return to the tax cuts and deregulation that allowed them to loot American housing and pension fund assets.  The communists called people like you "useful idiots"  I don't know what the neocon fat cats call those of you willing to work mindlessly against their own self interest.  I mean look at the tea baggers.  None were rich, most were terribly out of shape and in need of health care.  A lot of them were on Medicare and seemingly unaware that that bit of socialism which they love is 45 years old and definitely socialism as is the social security most of them were living on.

    How did we get out of the Great Depression?  Well at one point in the 30"s there were 16 Republican Senators out of 96.

    If you want something done in Washington (other than pushing for a ludicrous end of the world thing beloved of whack job neocons) you definitely do not want to elect those lions of the status quo known as the GnoP.

    "The alternative to thinking in evolutionary terms is to not think at all" Sir Peter Medawar

    by J Edward on Wed Jan 13, 2010 at 10:01:47 AM PST

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