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View Diary: A New Threat to the Sanctity of Marriage (178 comments)

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  •  Better to push equal rights as the key. (0+ / 0-)

    vs. trying to convince right wingers that gay marriage doesn't threaten straight marriage. That is not really the right wing's objection (they are intolerant religious bigots and nothing will convince them) and it's not really the moderates concern.

    Most of the votes that equal rights (gay rights) lose have more to do with who turns out since a majority of Americans are probably OK with equal rights. The majority may not have a problem with equal rights but at the same time, they don't really turn out on the ballot issues and votes. The result is you have a larger religious right wing group vs. a smaller gay rights advocacy group.

    Pushing for equal rights can draw in more of the moderate voters if they feel their rights are threatened.

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