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  •  a bunch of nuts yourself (none)
    There are some reasonable posts, and a bunch of vindictive nuts worthy of being on a certain loud, little website we all know and love. Oh wait, are vindictive nuts on the left ok?

    I don't want to lose a Governorship to someone from the R party, but a re-vote might be the right thing to do. I don't want Arnold to be President, but the amendment to allow long time citizens to be President is probably the right thing to do.

    Remember, we stand for more than just winning. When you only stand for winning, why should you win?

    (OK, the trick then is how do you deal with an opposition who stands for winning at all costs? The "ends justify the means" and the "might makes right" crowd?)

    •  No (none)
      A re-vote is not the right thing to do. There is no provision for it in either the constitution or the RCW's. I am hard pressed to understand how such an election would be legal.

      The best Rossi can hope for is that a court would set aside the election, which would make Gary Locke governor until a replacement is elected at a special election in Nov. 2005. Locke has indicated he wants to be out of office, so if Locke resigned that would make Lt. Gov. Brad Owen the governor.

      But state law sets very specific criteria for contesting an election. In short, you have to prove stuff.  And if you lose, you pay court costs, so freepers promising to contest the election themselves better have deep pockets.

      What the GOP will turn up remains to be seen. If there is evidence of actual fraud, rather than all this talk-radio-fueled rumor, they should present it in court. So far every GOP claim of illegality has proved baseless.

      This "have a new election" crap is basically what we say or we will drag this thing out in court forever, and do everything we can to undercut the government of Washington. Hampering government is something they are good at anyway.

      Republicans are catering to mob mentality. Dino Rossi just crossed a line that should not have been crossed by a responsible public figure. He could have won huge accolades with a gracious concession tonight..instead he chose to put our state on a path of continued bitter conflict with unforeseen consequences.

      Finally, residents of Washington who care about democracy can be forgiven, in my opinion, for making untoward statements in light of the outright falsehoods being perpetrated by the righties. Yes, we should behave in an ethical fashion, but tonight I'm willing to tolerate a lot of venting.

      Thanks to this unbelievably close election and the irresponsible behavior of the GOP, our state is now ground zero in the death struggle to preserve some democracy.  If the Republicans bring out the Bush lawyers and somehow install Rossi, it will be one more ominous portent.


    •  Yea right (none)
      And what if it is still close do we go best two out of three hand recounts or maybe best 4 out of seven or maybe until election fatigue gets so severe I'll move into the Gov mansion and claim the throne.
    •  How you deal with them (none)
      "(OK, the trick then is how do you deal with an opposition who stands for winning at all costs? The "ends justify the means" and the "might makes right" crowd?)"

      You attack for the jugular, not the capillaries. And you bring a gun to a gunfight.  You use what you have.  Or else you lose, again and again and again.  Their spin machine turns on a dime and says today the opposite of what they said yesterday, and that's apparently just fine with people. Why not for us?

      You think do-overs are "the right thing to do"? OK then, call for everyone to do the right thing. We'll re-vote in Washington if they re-vote in Ohio and Florida.

      Good rules are great, as long as EVERYONE has to play by them.

      All we are give back our pants!

      by AdmiralNaismith on Thu Dec 30, 2004 at 06:59:13 AM PST

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      •  Not just that..... (none)
        Their spin machine turns on a dime and says today the opposite of what they said yesterday. They argue opposing positions simultaneously in different locations as was the case in 2000 when the Republicans' lawyers argued opposing viewpoints in FL and NM. Of course, you would have been hardpressed to find accounts of this in the mainstream media.
    •  3 things (none)
      a) Can people on our side live in reality a little? If there is a vote- and all the votes are counted fairly according to the rules or manipulation by either side, and not supressed, the right thing has been done. As I understand it Washington unlike say FL and OH have pretty good laws. If you don't like that it's close- don't live in a winner take all democracy or change it. Otherwise, stop whining.

      b) The reasons I am against an amendment to the Constitution is because this is the Constitution- no amendment should be entered into lightly to please the momentary impulse. The structure was designed that way for a reason. There are reasons why foreign born can not become the President. Reasons that go beyond R or D. If you can't see any  of those reasons- I will suggest you think on it a bit, and none of them are based on xenophobia or racism. Some are based on practicality. I will give you a hint: 1) where should the resources of the country be focused (on the ego of one man? T

      c) if you don't understand that so long as one is fair (which is the difference between them and us) that yes it is about winning- then politics is not the way to go for your interests. ie, again returning to WA - the rules were followed fairly- no hedging at the edges as the Republicans did in other states. Indeed, his suggestion is a CHANGE of the rules. If you think that's fair, you have a bad definition of the word. If you aren't willing to win at all cost within the boundaries of fairness then there is something wrong, not with the people here, but with your analysis of how politics works

    •  We shouldn't rerun the election. (none)
      The Republicans have never been willing to do so;  why should we.  Besides all of the votes were counted (Legit) and the Dem's won the eletion even without the extra ballots that were allowed to be counted in King Co.  The Repugs have gained electoral vicories because they haven't always played fair (i.e. manipulating the electoral process), accused the Dem's of being whiners when we legitemately complain that they are NOT counting all the votes.  Now they're whining like babies now that they lost the recount (In a situation where all of the votes WERE legitemately counted) and they want a redo.  Can you say HELL NO!

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