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  •  problem with this article (none)
    is that there's an underlying assumption that repubs are supposed to play by the same rules as dems. they clearly don't. if they did, they would worry about the sore loser label. not an issue if you're a repub: it's all about winning.

    how much heat does anyone think rossi will really take for whining? not much, i suspect. a few editorials which will change nothing at this point and certainly won't have any impact the next time he runs for office. people expect repubs to squeak and cry foul. sometimes they get so tired that they give in just to shut them up. which certainly validates repubs in their beliefs that playing by "the rules" is dumb, while throwing tantrums works. wake up, dems. it's time to realize we're being held to a different standard than repubs.  

    We get a lot of advice. We tend to listen when somebody's won something. - Joe Lockhart

    by yankeedoodler on Thu Dec 30, 2004 at 01:33:47 AM PST

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