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    a) Can people on our side live in reality a little? If there is a vote- and all the votes are counted fairly according to the rules or manipulation by either side, and not supressed, the right thing has been done. As I understand it Washington unlike say FL and OH have pretty good laws. If you don't like that it's close- don't live in a winner take all democracy or change it. Otherwise, stop whining.

    b) The reasons I am against an amendment to the Constitution is because this is the Constitution- no amendment should be entered into lightly to please the momentary impulse. The structure was designed that way for a reason. There are reasons why foreign born can not become the President. Reasons that go beyond R or D. If you can't see any  of those reasons- I will suggest you think on it a bit, and none of them are based on xenophobia or racism. Some are based on practicality. I will give you a hint: 1) where should the resources of the country be focused (on the ego of one man? T

    c) if you don't understand that so long as one is fair (which is the difference between them and us) that yes it is about winning- then politics is not the way to go for your interests. ie, again returning to WA - the rules were followed fairly- no hedging at the edges as the Republicans did in other states. Indeed, his suggestion is a CHANGE of the rules. If you think that's fair, you have a bad definition of the word. If you aren't willing to win at all cost within the boundaries of fairness then there is something wrong, not with the people here, but with your analysis of how politics works

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