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    But the people I talk to when I'm canvassing don't want a magic pony.  They saw Wall Street rescued in a matter of days.  They've seen war budgets and declarations passed instantaneously.  They've seen bankruptcy "reform" and other pro-business legislation pass so quickly no one even knew the name of the bills.  

    What they don't see is anything remotely helpful to them passing without months and months of torturous watering down, compromising, selling out, and defanging.  They don't understand why, when we've been told since Reagan, that money funneled to the top will trickle down to them that there has been no trickling down at all while the funnel to the top is on high speed still.

    One in four American children experiences hunger?  Well, that will take a lot of time to debate and propose fixes for.  Wall Street about to tank the world economy?  How many trillions do you want, no strings attached, of course, and how fast can we give it to you?

    But it's a lot more fun to poke the American voter in the eye and point out how simple-minded, foolish, unrealistic, unfair, selfish, and otherwise useless they really are.  Come to think of it, if this is the portrait of the majority swing voter, maybe we do have the government we deserve.

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