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View Diary: [UPDATED:] OH-01: John Boehner now proudly tweeting FDL/Jane Hamsher's polling (314 comments)

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  •  Then the health care debate is meaningless. (2+ / 0-)
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    GN1927, drache

    Check out the numbers after all those questions were asked.  We start with:

    Chabot 56%, Dreihaus 39%

    Then they ask all those anti-health care bill questions, and then ask what would voters do if Dreihaus voted for the bill.  After all that?

    Chabot 56%, Dreihaus 38%

    Chabot gains no ground from that, even after all those questions.  Dreihaus only loses ONE point, well within the margin of error.

    If the people were truly so disgusted by the bill, then why was there no statistically significant change in those numbers?

    BTW, look at the numbers for those in the age group 18-34.  That's right, they don't exist.  Not enough interviewed to get any semblance of a number.  Even though OH-01 contains the University of Cincinnat, Xavier University, and Miami University, among others.

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