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  •  I sat watching the TV.... (4+ / 0-)

    Dumbfounded and stunned into immobile silence when Gore and the rest of the Dems did absolutely nothing but bow in abject docility before that imbecilic and unintelligent and unintelligible twerp that I had ranted about months earlier during the "debates" when I was shocked that the so-called "political pundits" said that idiot won the "debates."  When Dumbya got done saying he 'wouldn't do any nation building,' (I saw that lying body language instantly!) I predicted that night in my journal that if he were elected he'd start a war with Iraq to finish his daddy's war and that we'd go into a recession.  I further said I didn't know how anyone would vote for anyone that stupid.  I underestimated the stupidity of the average American voter... twice!  I was sure we wouldn't be that stupid a second time.  Gawd, was I wrong!

    Now Dumbya and Dickie and their criminal cohorts are unindicted war criminals and perjurers ... and still no one is willing to put them on trial for their lies and war crimes...!!!  Then I saw Dumbya with Prez Bill and I just sat there seething (not good for my blood pressure!)... and I'm still seething over the fact that I KNOW Dumbya should be either on trial or in prison this very minute for his lies and war crimes... and STILL no one who has the authority to do so is willing to move in the direction of even investigations, let alone the war crimes for which they should be on trial.

    I'm so pissed off at our "political leaders" for sitting on their hands and doing nothing I could just spit tacks.

    They're asking for another four years -- in a just world, they'd get 10 to 20. ~~ Dennis Kucinich

    by NonnyO on Tue Jan 19, 2010 at 02:13:28 PM PST

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