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View Diary: Who Gains from Guantánamo Cover-up? (121 comments)

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    The investigators conducted interviews with guards, medics, prisoners, and officers. As the Seton Hall researchers note, however, nothing in the NCIS report suggests that the investigators secured or reviewed the duty roster, the prisoner-transfer book, the pass-on book, the records of phone and radio communications, or footage from the camera that continuously monitored activity in the hallways, all of which could have helped them authoritatively reconstruct the events of that evening.

    The NCIS did, however, move swiftly to seize every piece of paper possessed by every single prisoner in Camp America, some 1,065 pounds of material, much of it privileged attorney-client correspondence. Several weeks later, authorities sought an after-the-fact justification. The Justice Department—bolstered by sworn statements from Admiral Harris and from Carol Kisthardt, the special agent in charge of the NCIS investigation—claimed in a U.S. district court that the seizure was appropriate because there had been a conspiracy among the prisoners to commit suicide. Justice further claimed that investigators had found suicide notes and argued that the attorney-client materials were being used to pass communications among the prisoners."

    Aside from sending the unmistakable message to prisoners that they're probably going to die there defenseless because there's no such thing as attorney-client privilege in these hell holes, doesn't it also call into question any evidence the government used, or may use in the future, to secure a conviction of any of these prisoners?

    And this...

    The pathologists place the time of death "at least a couple of hours" before the bodies were discovered, which would be sometime before 10:30 p.m. on June 9. Additionally, the autopsy of Al-Salami states that his hyoid bone was broken, a phenomenon usually associated with manual strangulation, not hanging.

    The report asserts that the hyoid was broken "during the removal of the neck organs." An odd admission, given that these are the very body parts—the larynx, the hyoid bone, and the thyroid cartilage—that would have been essential to determining whether death occurred from hanging, from strangulation, or from choking. These parts remained missing when the men’s families finally received their bodies.

    Umm, yeah, well...

    I'm just going to second Digby's sentiment on this moral travesty because she's so much more polite than I know how to be when I'm this angry:

    There are many problems right now that are impossible for the president to unilaterally fix. This isn't one of them.

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      The POTUS could fix this unilaterally right now.....if the president was in charge.

      I just said it and even I don't like the CT implications.

      The mere appearance of abdicating authority can be as deadly as the act.

      There is a public appearance that the largest factor in play is sheer military-bureaucratic inertia. Not possible to maintain that status quo without inviting power plays.

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