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View Diary: Holder/DoJ Cover-up on Torture Memos Investigation: Who is David Margolis? (358 comments)

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  •  Maybe... (5+ / 0-)

    I tire of this argument. Look, if I was old enough to vote in 2000, I wouldn't have voted Nader, I would have voted for Gore; however, it still wasn't Nader's fault that Gore lost, it was Gore's and the Supreme Court's. Gore, being the adult that he is, thought it would be better for the country if there wasn't a big legal battle; that was HIS fault, not Nader's. It was the fascist Supreme Court who dictated to the country who our leader would be, not Nader; it was again their fault.

    To same, maybe once this country experiences true fascism people will fucking wake up to the world around them, instead of slowly giving away their rights and freedoms as citizens--or more to the point--as people.

    I am not going to vote for Obama unless he looks backwards, I'm sorry.

    •  I don't care if you're sorry. (0+ / 0-)

      You owe your apology to the dead tortured people who live in the 3rd world countries that you're condemning via your non-action.

      Ask them if they want you to be selfish and choose your comfy American morality over improving their lives, even if only by a degree. Ask them if they'd rather be in isolation or in isolation and waterboarded 80 times because you had to do what makes you feel good.

      At some point, Americans... if they actually want to be taken seriously as moral people by the rest of the world, will mature in the way they think about their vote and the importance of it.

      •  Maybe... (2+ / 0-)
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        TracieLynn, Situational Lefty

        if Obama loses, the Republicans will investigate him for his own crimes.

        I personally don't believe he will lose. He needs to wake up and realize that they're not going to play nice. I know why he refuses to investigate this, I understand, I empathize with his plight, I truly do. That doesn't excuse it or justify it, but I understand.

        However, a leader makes the polls regarding this issue, they don't go around chasing them. Ultimately, though, what difference do polls make anymore? Apparently polls are only good for Republicans, even if Democrats were at an 80% approval rating.

        I'm done here, good day.

        •  Quite frankly, as an American who (2+ / 0-)
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          magurakurin, CuriousBoston

          benefits as much as you do from American policy, and therefore the suffering of the rest of the world, you don't have the moral right to be so casual about whether Obama will win or not.

          At this point, being a moral person in this country requires supporting Obama in 2012, to the greatest of your ability. It's about nothing less than war with Iran, WWIII, torture, and the hunger of the Evangelical right to have a passable Apocalypse to justify their worldview.

          You know it, I know it. Ask anyone who's not an American and they'll tell you how much they're depending on America not fucking this up.

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