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View Diary: Holder/DoJ Cover-up on Torture Memos Investigation: Who is David Margolis? (358 comments)

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  •  What the law is hardly matters in America 2010 (0+ / 0-)

    What matters is whether what you're doing will undermine Obama's presidency or not. That's what America is and that's what it has been for a long long time and what it will be for a long time to come, because that's what Americans are.

    The people who are suffering as a result of these detention policies would ask you to support Obama in 2012 over the other candidates.

    If you told them you were withholding your vote, the families of these people would spit on you, and they'd be right to do so, because you're putting your cozy nerfy American values about the Constitution and the law over the well being of real living breathing people.

    You're ignoring their pleas to vote for people who will lessen their suffering, even if they don't eradicate it.

    Americans don't have the right to divorce their morality from the real world consequences of them being idealists about their moral convictions. They cause far too much suffering when they do so.

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