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  •  They failed to win ... (3+ / 0-)
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    ... the shutting down of FDL as a credible blog.

    They failed to win kos removing FDL from the blogroll.

    They failed to win permanently smearing the entire FDL website beause of disagreement on policy with one blogger at the website and they failed to win our FAQ listing FDL as a non-credible source so folks can hide rate or otherwise officially claim other posters have no credibility citing FDL.

    That was what they wanted to win.  They wanted to control how folks viewed FDL -- not just Jane Hamsher but Emptywheel, Jon Walker, an entire community.

    They lost that battle.  Even folks who can't stand Jane or FDL had no stomach for this particular political tactic.

    You contributed to their side in that battle.  Not everyone was obviously "strident" but there was a group - now exposed - who coordinated attacks on FDL posters, coined terms such as "firebaggers," etc.  Those folks were joined by those who legitimately were disappointed with Jane and FDL, but the strident folks were much louder (something I have no problem with) and lied (something I have a big problem with).

    What our side won -- at least for the moment, as things change so rapidly -- was the right to make up our own minds about what others write instead of someone else making up our minds for us by smearing character rather than talking about ideas and policy.

    Please don't tell me you're done battling.  I saw your recent comment linking to DD as the root of all evil (figuratively speaking).  I'm an admin. there btw, and I agree 100% with what buhdy wrote in that essay about Cedwyn.

    And as far as personal destruction not "moving anyone," that is not its purpose.  Very often that political tactic "wins" and afterwards indeed convinces folks to go against their own interest.  But the purpose is power.

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