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View Diary: Coakley Campaign Disaster. (212 comments)

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  •  I think a lot of it is that Coakley is a bad (0+ / 0-)

    candidate but I think you underplay how much of a role ideology is playing as well.

    I think  a lot of independents think democrats and Obama are too far left and too partisan. They dont like the health care bill and they dont like all the spending. Of course, Obama has been unlucky in getting caught in a  bad economy too.

    But theres definitely a message being sent to Washington democrats imo. And if they are in denial about that its going to be disastrous for 2010, and maybe 2012 for Obama as well.

    Move back to the center and try to be more bi-partisan, thats what has to happen imo. Its the same situation Clinton was in after his first year.

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