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View Diary: Poor, Minority Pupils Are Now a Majority in South (31 comments)

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    This is a critical issue. The South is just the first out of the gate on this.  In another decade, the entire country will experience a school-aged population in which a majority of the students come from minority groups.  Of course that's been true in big cities, certainly on the East Coast, for decades.  But who cared?  We (meaning we whites) could always abandon the cities. And we did.

    It's essential that people understand your brief comment about what this latest development means for white and affluent flight from public education.  After two decades of national experiments with charter schools (which now enroll about 5% of all students), it's clear that the overwhelming majority of them (about 80%) are no better than typical public schools in terms of tested achievement (and about a third are clearly inferior to public schools).

    But who cares?  Because of their admissions policies, disinterest in developmentally disabled students, and ability to "counsel out" problem students, charters offer a way to resegregate public education behind a smokescreen of concern for educational improvement. In majority-minority communities, whites will readily be able to abandon traditional public schools in favor of these new privatized charters. And they will.

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