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  •  Darla (none)
    When one of Phelp's congregants kills a number of gay people, which is one of those certainties on which one can bet the farm, can we count on you to come here and apologize to people for discounting their concern about this man and his minions?

    Why is it you spend so much time attacking Howard Dean and his supporters....and then posture for ignoring people who clearly present a real danger to lives of people?

    Were you one of those people who suggested we should ignore the Lambs of God until they started killing real abortion doctors?

    •  Correction (none)
      The name of the antiabortion terrorists are

      Army of God

      and Lambs of Christ.

      The Army of God supported Paul Hill after he murdered Dr. John Britton.

      These groups have much in common with Phelps in that they were very upfront about their agenda, and people who expressed concern about them were discounted.

      For those of you, like Darla, who chose not understand the enormous threat these right wing fringe groups represent....let me remind you about the hundreds of people who died in Oklahoma city.....

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