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  •  and 'fight for black equality' is ludicrous (none)
    Distorted fiction:

    he did fight for black equality quite a bit in his life. The NAACP his given him lifetime awards for this.


    Rev. Phelps' itinerary of hatred included picketing the NAACP conference in Topeka

    Fred Phelps received awards from the Greater Kansas City Chapter of Blacks in Government and the Bonner Springs branch of the NAACP for his work on behalf of Black clients.

    Those awards were for a single case, not a lifetime of fighting for black equality, and unbeknownst by the NAACP at the time, Phelps used the civil rights cases as a front for extortion.

    Also, approval of Phelps by a local NAACP chapter isn't anything like approval by the national organization:

    Rev. Phelps was joined by Rev. K.E. Hill, president of the local chapter of the NAACP, in calling for the exclusion of gay issues from consideration by the Human Relations Commission.  Rev. Hill, writing on behalf of the NAACP in a guest editorial in the local paper, proposed that the mayor "be authorized to prohibit any gay rights legislation or discussion of the same in this commission."  He chastised the mayor for appointing gay commissioners, calling them "stated supporters of . . . sinful acts".  Further, he wrote that "Mayor Wagnon, in her tenacious abuse of authority, elected to attract people who choose to have their sins or sickness categorized, who hope to receive special exonerations and rights above other professing sinners.

     "The matter of homosexuality belongs in the churches," he continued, "where all sins will be rightly addressed, indiscriminately.  The church has the power to take the worst sinner and make him or her better."

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