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    When we give them a seat at the table, they throw a tantrum and, yell 'No way!' and then demand more, when we don't accomodate them, they throw teabags and claim they've been badly hurt and attacked by treasonous terrorists, and encourage their readical fringe camps who are advocating subversion and even assasination of those they feel don't deserve to be in power at all.  And they get corporate funding and blessings by the 'religious' fundies for acting so badly.

    Seriously, what sort of human factor should be considered by the DNC leadership in dealing with this generation of the GOP? They still think they've somehow won and can dictate the terms of whatever agenda is being considered.  If they want 'respect', that's got to go both ways.  If they want to be 'fairly treated', that's got to go both ways, along properly conceding to the party in power the priveledge of agenda and up or down votes.  

    All Americans deserve to hear them publically renounce and purge the decades of criminality, corruption, perversion and hypocrisy that's taken such a deeply embedded hold of their own ranks and allied institutions.  Now, I won't excuse the Democratic Party folk who may also be guilty of some of these things, but Republicans sure perfected these 'artforms' in the last couple of decades, taking these to extremes hitherto not even conceived, and yet they feel entitled to use any dirty trick they can come up with to suppress the vote, alter the vote, poison debate, and try to keep Republicans in power forever, if possible.

    I'm not sure where we can even begin talking about a genuine human factor when Fox personalities like Glen Beck are declaring they shall hunt down all liberals and GOP 'leaders' declare their respect for and admiration of him.  Given that Fox has shamelessly hired nearly all of the potential RNC candidates for high office, and daily wages polemical war against anything to the left of Attila the Hun, where can one find a 'reasonable' human factor which will be mutually honored and respected?  What I see is simply the Republican 'inhuman factor', the Partisan Party of Impudent 'No'.

    When Republicans demonstrate a 'human factor' it might be possible to find some way to resume civil dialog.  As for now, all efforts to be civil are rebuffed.  Any Republicans attempting to be the least bit civil are roared down by the hard right as being complicit with evil terrorist traitors.  When Republicans end their demonizing of Democratic Party members, the agenda, liberals, progressives, and even 'centerists', we might be able to start linking on a human factor again.  That could be a day when the healing of America's rifts could start, should that day ever come about.

    When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

    by antirove on Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 01:14:36 PM PST

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