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  •  Free speech forever! (0+ / 0-)

    The Supreme Courts decision is a + for our democracy.  There are many of you that disagree with this and think corporations should have been reigned in by an alternative court decision but you are dead wrong!
    You now advocate for liberal legislation to reign in corporations and curb their free speech.  However, the Marxist ambitions of Schumer and Greyson as well as those in the administration can use this same attitude to turn on dime on the unions,  individuals, the ACLU, and other entities that you hold close to your vest.
    Remember, any attempt to disenfranchise one group from constitutional speech, including the corporations, can bounce back and hit you in the ass!

    •  When was the last time a corporation lost its (0+ / 0-)

      voice to a bad cold?   ;-)

    •  Tell me, what the sound of a corporate (0+ / 0-)

      voice is?  What language do corporations speak?  Are there some corporations in Japan that speak Hindi?" ...or maybe some in Germany that speak Urdu?  Where do you put the recording device to record the sound of a corporation "speaking" those words that must be protected?  And by the way, talk to me about this "group" speaking.  Is this some kind of choral effort?  Those are the only "groups" that I know of that come anywhere close to "speaking."  And who writes the scripts for that "speaking?"
        If you don't get the drift of my response, let me be clear: I would love to take your observation seriously but you seem so far out of touch with reality, I just don't know where to start.  ;-(

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