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  •  This is the problem (10+ / 0-)

    In both parties, there are moderates, and extremists.  Republicans ALWAYS put their strong extremists in charge, and they get stuff done.  By putting your most right-wing member in charge, the negotiations are naturally going to shift to the right in order to find a compromise.  Democrats ALWAYS put their weak MODERATES in charge.  Negotiations are therefore slanted to the right even before the conversation starts.

    Let's say -10 is far right and +10 is far left.  You have the leaders of the majority and minority party.  So you always have a far right conservative negotiating with a moderate Democrat.

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    Maybe being "in charge" gives you an extra point or two toward your side.  But even with that extra point, the compromise you get in this situation is a moderate conservative bill, no matter which party is in charge.

    Here are the last five Republican Senate Leaders:

    1. Howard Baker (liberal Republican)
    1. Bob Dole (moderate-strong Republican)
    1. Trent Lott (ultra right-wing Republican)
    1. Bill Frist (ultra right-wing Republican)
    1. Mitch McConnell (ultra right-wing Republican)

    Here are the last five Democratic Senate Leaders:

    1. Mike Mansfield (strong Democrat)
    1. Robert Byrd (moderate-strong Democrat)
    1. George Mitchell (moderate-strong Democrat)
    1. Tom Daschle (moderate Democrat)
    1. Harry Reid (moderate-weak Democrat)

    See what I mean?  Republicans have learned that effective leadership comes from placing your most partisan extermist in positions of power.  Democrats have tried the opposite approach -- putting moderates in power in the hopes of bi-partisanship.  But that is a FAILED strategy.  

    Go here:

    This lists all Senators in a way that can be sorted by liberal v. conservative.  Mitch McConnell is twice as conservative as Harry Reid is liberal.  There are at least 24 Democratic senators to the left of Harry Reid, including Patty Murray, Jack Reed, Ben Cardin, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Stabenow, etc.

    If you want effective Democratic leadership, you have to start with someone who isn't voting against their own part 25% of the time, as Harry Reid does.  You need an actual solid progressive who can help shift the "center" to the left.  Or, hell, at least back to the fucking center!!

    Ah, hell, looks like we won't be able to make the touchdown after all, so even though we're in field goal range, lets just give the ball to the other guys.

    by cartwrightdale on Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 01:31:07 PM PST

    •  Barbara Boxer for new Senate Majority Leader... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      ...or if enough people say "I'm taking my ball and going home," Senate MINORITY Leader. :-P

      The next OneCare Happy Hour will be January 29, 2010.
      Anti-marriage equality = bigotry

      by Pris from LA on Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 01:49:39 PM PST

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