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  •  Only Americans (6+ / 0-)

    can take a perfectly simple thing like National Healthcare for everyone and turn it into a huge pile of crap. The verdict on this country is "too stupid to live". Other countries have been through this transition. They all established a single payer system of one kind or another. Not one has ever gone back to private healthcare. There's a reason for this. And it's not only healthcare; the USA consistently finds amazing ways to fuck up systems that the reset of the industrialized world fixed some time back. Whatever the issue, you can be sure that Americans will find a way to come up with the most bone-headed, useless, fucked up way of doing anything and that includes the Congress. You could have had a simple Parliament, but oh no you had to have 2 houses of Congress and an Executive and an annoying piece of paper that seems to do little but annoy people and cause trouble. Can I ask for once why there even is a USA? Does it really make any sense as a single country? Once this house of cards finally collapses, perhaps we will have a series of smaller nation states that can run their own affairs a little more effectively because right now the USA is about as useless as teats on a bull.

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