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  •  PO will probably not work through Reconciliation (0+ / 0-)

    I was just researching least according to the Wikipedia article (yes, imperfect source), one of the 6 constraints on reconciliation is all changes must primarily be for outlay or revenue reasons.  Specifically, it will be struck if challenged under the circumstance "it produces a change in outlays or revenues which is merely incidental to the non-budgetary components of the provision."  As PO is to replace a private outlay rather than existing federal outlay, it is hard to see passing that test.

    However, most of the improvement suggested to the Senate bill like fixing the low income subsidies do look like they would work through reconciliation.  So that is probably the route to go.

    •  Howard Dean advocated it (0+ / 0-)

      I'm not an expert - I don't think there are any experts on this board. Howard Dean isn't a political novice - he suggested using the reconciliation to obtain the PO.

      He may not know what he's talking about, heck if I know, but I'd like to give it a shot.

      "Any plan I sign must include an insurance exchange ... including a public option" President Obama, 7.18.09

      by efraker on Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 06:52:16 PM PST

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